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Electrical Tape

We live in a global economy and Coast Tape is proud to carry only imported electrical tapes. In black as well as code colors each and every tape roll is individually shrink wrapped and packed in ten roll sleeves. UL listed and 7 mils thick this electrical tape is one of the work horses of the age we live in.

Black Electrical Tape is such a common item, made all over the world in a variety of sizes. Here at Coast Tape we chose to keep it simple with one size for all. This is a 3/4" x 60' roll that is shrink wrapped -- even bar coded.

This 7 mils thick tape has a long term adhesive; put this tape down and leave it alone. Over the years the adhesive forms almost a slick seal and resists corrosion.

We carry a rainbow of the coding colors Electrical Contractors need for their specific purposes. The fun thing about this tape is that when the local schools find out that your store carries their colors they use it for the strangest things, such as to color the marching band flag poles or decorate the floor in the school colors for the prom - if you can think it up, they will use it.

Both black and the colors in electrical tape are individually shrink wrapped, labeled, and bar-coded.


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